Mastering Business Writing in English

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About the Workshop:


This is an innovative and practical workshop designed to train participants on mastering writing skills in English within the business context. Thus, if you would like to leave a professional impression on others and become more effective and impactful in presenting your ideas, yourself or your business within an international environment, then join this workshop!


You will need a basic knowledge of English, and you will leave the workshop with acquired skills in how to: 

  • structure various business letters, 

  • what phrases to use, 

  • make your writing more impactful

  • make meaningful arguments 


You will work on your own specific or piece of writing. 


You will be provided with effective and creative tools that you can use after the Workshop to continue mastering your writing skills.


The group will be small, so you will have the opportunity to get more practical know-how and interact with the lecturer and other participants. Individual attention and feedback will be provided to each participant.


Who is this workshop for?


For anybody who wishes to improve their writing skills in English! 


You will benefit most if at least one of the following is true for you: 


1. I express or will be expressing myself in English during frequent business correspondence and would like to become faster, more effective and professional in writing.


2. I would like to prepare for a specific and important occasion in order to leave a professional and competent impression (i.e. job application, letters of intent, business proposals or inquiries, etc.). 


The workshop covers plenty of practical, real-life examples from the life of a business person, but also gives you the opportunity to work on a specific document or idea you bring to the workshop!

How will I benefit from the workshop? 


You will leave the workshop with plenty of best practices business people use to write clear, effective and professional business documents. This workshop will enable you to express yourself more effectively within the business context. 


You will acquire knowledge and skills on how to: 

• easily structure any of your ideas into a meaningful and effective flow,

• use business vocabulary and specific phrases to ensure a high level of professionalism,

• craft impactful arguments,

• express yourself clear, concise and correct,

• give the right value to the reader.


Our aim is to enable you to make impactful statements regardless if you are giving good or bad news, you want to accomplish a goal or you just want to impress the addressee. For some of you, our aim is to enable you to finally get invited for the job interview you wished for or get the next business proposal just right!


And for many of you, we want to teach you ways to increase your productivity and effectiveness, to write fast and effective, and with ease. 

What level of English do I need to have in order to benefit? 


Both, beginners and proficient speakers are welcome! Individual attention will be provided to each participant as to learn according to their own pace. However, basic English knowledge is required in order to fully benefit from the workshop. In case of questions on the level of proficiency, don’t hesitate to contact us before your application. 

How is the workshop structured? 


We use creative, engaging and effective tools throughout the workshop. You will be learning through mind maps to boost creativity and ensure structure, interacting with other participants while applying what you learned, and you will have plenty of opportunity for receiving individual feedback from the instructor. 


We highly value attention to each individual and their needs and work only in small groups where this can be ensured.


Materials you will receive at the workshop will be available for your future use as to support you in continuous application of what you learned. 

What to bring to the workshop? 


In order to get the most benefit out of the workshop, bring one of your ideas or challenges with you (a specific example of written correspondence). You can draft it on paper, keep it in your mind, or write a proposal. This will be an opportunity to master one piece of writing on the spot!



Saturday, February 17, 2018,  10 AM  - 2 PM


Apply by: February 15, 2018




Certificate of Attendance / Completion




495 Kuna (10% off for students and unemployed).

Ana Babic

Ana Babić



Ana Babić holds a Master of Arts degree in Croatian and English Language and Literature and is a Sworn Court Interpreter for English. In 2014, after dedicating her time for travelling and learning about teaching she created a unique Translector method (link to the method).


So far she has worked with hundreds of clients helping them learn and master English.


Being passionate about helping people speak up and express their ideas, so in her free time, Ana is on a team of TEDxZagreb mentors.